美 [ət]英 [ət]
  • prep.朝;向;在(某处);在(表示学习或工作地点)
  • abbr.(=astatine)【化】(=Air Transport)
  • 网络自动变速箱(Automatic Transmission);奥地利(Austria);砹

at present


1.在(某处)used to say where sth/sb is or where sth happens

2.在(表示学习或工作地点)used to say where sb works or studies

3.在(某时间或时刻)used to say when sth happens

4.在…岁时used to state the age at which sb does sth

5.向;朝in the direction of or towards sb/sth

6.(用于动词后,涉及未做成或未做完的事)used after a verb to show that sb tries to do sth, or partly does sth, but does not succeed or complete it

7.在…远;从相隔…远的地方used to state the distance away from sth

8.处于…状态used to show the situation sb/sth is in, what sb is doing or what is happening

9.(用于速度、比率等)以,达used to show a rate, speed, etc.

10.~ sb's/sth's best/worst, etc.处于最佳(或最差等)状态;在全盛(或谷底等)时期used to say that sb/sth is as good, bad, etc. as they can be

11.(与形容词连用,表示能力)在…方面used with adjectives to show how well sb does sth

12.(与形容词连用)因为,由于,对…used with adjectives to show the cause of sth

13.应…(而);响应;回答in response to sth

14.(提供电话号码时用)used when giving a telephone number

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自动变速箱(Automatic Transmission)

...目前已有的变速箱技术包括手动变速箱(MT)、传统的自动变速箱AT)、带式或链条式驱动无级变速箱(CVT)、自动化 …


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Calculated the way sales taxes usually are, the rate would have to be at least 30% and possibly much higher. 按照销售税的通常计算方法,新税率至少达到30%,而且还可能高得多。
It didn't look like a baby, in fact there seemed to be more than one set of eyes blinking back at him. 看起来不像是个婴儿,实际上,不止有一双眼睛在对着他眨动。
I did not know whether tomorrow will have to rain, if will rain, I will treat at home. 5我不知道明天是否要下雨,如果下雨,我就待在家里。
"We have at least one bespoke velvet jacket going through at the moment, " says Patrick Grant of Norton and Sons. “我们目前至少已有一款全定制天鹅绒夹克正在推介,”诺顿父子(Norton&Sons)的帕特里克·格兰特(PatrickGrant)说。
That means getting your heart rate up three times a week for at least a half hour each time. 这也就是说每周让心跳加速三次,每次至少半小时。
In this post, we'll take a look at a few of those people and some of the things which they do to be unique from everyone else. 在本文中,我们分析其中一些设计师,看看他们设计出的与别人相
If we were at the beginning of an ordinary cyclical recovery, the combined fiscal and monetary policy response would be reasonable. 如果一场普通的周期性复苏已经拉开序幕,上述财政与货币政策的组合将是合理的。
Anyway private company is not that dependable. Don't waste your money, at least deposit the living fee for half a year. 私人单位始终不是那么可靠,你花钱不要大手大脚的,起码要存够半年的生活费呀。
But it is surely now apparent that the protection of human rights in Afghanistan cannot ultimately be secured at the point of a foreign gun. 但现在很显然,在阿富汗保护人权最终无法在外国枪口的威胁下实现。
But just to make it concrete and to see what's at stake, consider the distribution of wealth in the United States. 但是,为了让大家的思考能落实到具体的利害攸关点,我们可以考虑一下,美国的财富分配。
Inter are second on six points and must at least draw with Rubin Kazan and hope that Kiev do not beat Barcelona on the final match day. 国际米兰变成小组第二,获得了6分的的球队,必须要在下一场,最后一个比赛日中至少与喀山鲁宾战平,并且寄希望于基辅不会击败巴萨。
Clyde kept the ball rolling at the party by dancing with a lamp shade on his head. 克莱德把灯罩加在头上跳舞,以提高舞会的兴致。(意译)
"Now, Friday is better than Saturday, and Saturday is better than Sunday, " he said, looking longingly at his Fat Boy. 现在,星期五比星期六好,星期六比星期天好。他看着他的胖儿子说到。
To my surprise, there was old Mr. Kirby sitting in his porch swing. He waved at me. "That you? " he yelled. 令我惊讶的是老科比还坐在门廊的秋千上,他向我打招呼喊道:“是你吗?”
A personal trainer. Thank heaven. Can you take a look at my right bicep? I seemed to have strained it. 私人教练。感谢上帝。你能看看我右手的二头肌么?
I remember you clutching at my shirt, bunching it up in handfuls around my chest. 我记得你抓住我的衬衫,向上拉扯著,挤压著我的胸膛。
It's common to see large predatory sharks come in and feed on schools of bait-fish - the odd thing was I didn't see any bait-fish at all! 大型肉食鱼类追逐捕食鱼群还算常见——但奇怪的是我根本没有看到鱼群。
How could you know that, Bella? Look at my mother, look at my sister. It's not as easy a sacrifice as you imagine. 贝拉,你怎么会明白?看我妈妈的例子,我的姐妹的例子。并不是只失去一件东西那么简单。
If it is rolled back, all changes made by that transaction will be discarded; it will be as if the transaction never happened at all. 如果事务被回滚,则该事务所做的所有更改都将被丢弃;就好像该事务从来没有发生过一样。
It is hard to gauge how much Tang has benefited, if at all, from the academic credentials he claimed to possess. 很难去衡量唐从他声称拥有的学历中获益多少。
Connor is a character who, at the moment, is very easy to dislike. Is there something in his backstory that would surprise us? 从Connor出场到现在来看,这个角色很容易让大家讨厌。那么他会不会有什么让观众大为吃惊的背后故事呢?
Damien Duff's days at Stamford appear to be numbered after Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho conceded he would allow the player to leave. 在切尔西主教练何塞。穆里尼奥同意他转会之后,达米恩。达夫在斯坦福桥的日子似乎屈指可数了。在。
It is the jewel at my own breast that shines and gives light. I do not know how to hide it. 那闪烁照耀的,是我自己胸中的珠宝。我不知道怎样藏起它。
Most of the time, our schedule was a bit too hectic, and several times a month I had to work through the night at the office. 绝大多数时间里,我们的日程都有点儿火急火燎,而且每个月总有几天我要在办公室通宵。
I remembered sitting at the smaller table with my cousins and siblings, feeling as if I were too old to sit at the kid's table. 我想起了跟我的姊妹和表姊妹们一起坐在小桌子旁,却觉得自己已经很大了,不该坐在小孩的桌上的情形。
We live in the south (georgia) and I know many people here did not want Obama to win but there was no problems at my daughters school today. 我知道这里很多人都不想奥巴马获选,但是今天我女儿学校里倒没发生这样的问题啵。
The young man clearly felt that the Palestinians had endured injustice at Israel's hands. "We are guilty, " he said. "They want a country. " 这名年轻人清楚地意识到巴勒斯坦由于以色列的原因而饱受不公平的待遇。“我们是有罪的”,他说到,“他们需要一个国家。”
The bus of world history seems to be careening down a mountain road with no one at the wheel. 世界历史仿佛像一辆无人驾驶、摇摇晃晃冲下山坡的公共汽车。
And fell down on his face at his feet, giving him thanks: and he was a Samaritan. 又俯伏在耶稣脚前感谢他。这人是撒玛利亚人。
And now, Suzanne is dead as well, strangled on her late night jog while vacationing with Craig at a vegetarian health resort. 现在,苏珊已经死了的好,她深夜勒死慢跑,而与克雷格素食度假疗养胜地。