美 [soʊl]英 [səʊl]
  • n.灵魂;心灵;人;内心
  • adj.黑人控制的
  • 网络灵魂乐;精神;灵歌


save soul,sell soul,lose soul,cleanse soul
human soul,immortal soul,poor soul,troubled soul,imprison soul



人的灵魂spirit of person

1.[c]灵魂the spiritual part of a person, believed to exist after death

内在个性inner character

2.[c]心性;内心;心灵a person's inner character, containing their true thoughts and feelings

精神╱道德╱艺术品质spiritual/moral/artistic qualities

3.[sing](人类整体的)精神状况,道德品质the spiritual and moral qualities of humans in general

4.[u][c]真挚情感;高尚情操;气魄strong and good human feeling, especially that gives a work of art its quality or enables sb to recognize and enjoy that quality

5.[sing]the ~ of sth典范;化身a perfect example of a good quality


6.[c]某种人a person of a particular type

7.[c]人a person


8.[u]灵乐,灵歌,灵魂音乐 (感情强烈,源于非洲裔美国人的音乐)a type of music that expresses strong emotions, made popular by African American musicians


...灵性(spirit), 这些复合体合起来形成所谓的灵魂(soul), 该实体来自太一造物者的精华变得有足够的个体性, 能够去追寻一条看似 …


美国的灵魂乐(Soul)并没有因“嬉皮运动”和迷幻摇滚的繁盛而停滞不前。60年代诸多黑人歌星又将其发展并呈现出多种风格的灵 …


7~14岁强调心灵(Soul)、情感(Feeling)与创造性的想像空间。这个阶段的孩子需要一个足以产生长久信赖和敬仰的权威,藉由 …


英语字根表 - 豆丁网 ... proper,propri=one's own 自己的 psych,psycho=soul 心灵,精神 pugn=to fight 战斗,打架 ...

高中英语... ... sound a. 健康的,健全的;可靠的,充分的;彻底的 soul n. 灵魂,心灵;;精神;精髓,精华 SOS n. 国际通 …


灵歌(soul),哈林自己的微博都介绍了的说 2012-9-15 17:51 回复 o丶柒瑾年: 回复 iloveoba :那是灵魂乐?

Now, come to think of their own negligence is the soul of baptism, and I can help calm attributable to the heart have only read. 现在想来,完全是自己疏于了心灵的洗礼,而能够帮我的心归于平静的也只有阅读。
Xia Hong remembered and said as soul out of her body " He definitely has no time to say something. " 夏红惊魂未定地回忆说:“他什么都没来得及说。”
I decided to start wearing the headscarf after about two years of soul searching. 大约两年的精神探索之后我也决定了戴起盖头。
Let the enemy persecute my soul, and take it; yea, let him tread down my life upon the earth, and lay mine honour in the dust. Selah. 就任凭仇敌追赶我,直到追上。将我的性命踏在地下,使我的荣耀归于灰尘。(细拉)
I may not live long enough to see the crisis, but my soul is going to come back and haunt you. 也许我没法活到危机发生的那天,但是我的灵魂将会回来缠着你。
But maybe he's just waiting for a shoulder to cry on. You might be just the person to get him to bare his soul. 但也许他正需要一个可以依靠的肩膀。你也许就是那个可以让他敞开心扉的人。
The is there all the way of write to the heart to swim to leave between the soul and body in scenery. 翡瑟在那一路的风景里写到心在灵魂与肉体间游离。
John McCain said he modelled himself on Teddy Roosevelt, a man who "nourished the soul of a great nation" . 约翰·麦凯恩说他把自己标榜为泰迪·罗斯福,一个“滋养了伟大国家灵魂”的人。
The theory of the truth has converted the head, but the soul temple has not been cleansed from its idols. . . 真理的理论已使大脑悔改了,但那心殿中的偶像还没有清除出来。
The dark night of the soul engulfed him, and he felt a strange, primeval terror he knew not what. 灵魂的黑夜笼罩了他,他感到一种奇异、原始、难以名状的恐惧。
That makes you better able to judge whether someone is right for you, your soul mate with whom you will spend the rest of your life. 渐渐地你就会知道某个人是否适合自己,是否就是你能共度余生的心灵伴侣。
A democratic soul with a free meal ticket, but no power of locomotion, no voice. I felt like a jellyfish nailed to a plank. 我是带着一张免费餐券的民主的灵魂,可是没有机车那么大的力量,没有声音。
Originally it took many thousands of years to seed it, with all that was likely to be required for your soul experience. 最初这花费了几千年的时间来浇灌它使它成长,伴随着所有那些对于你们灵魂经历必要的体验。
of his soul he was an outsider, and anti-social, and he accepted the fact inwardly, no matter how Bond-Streety he was on the outside. 在他的灵魂深处,他的确是个反对社会的、局外的人、他内心里也承认这个,虽然他外表上穿得多么入时。
Do any of them seem to be a kind of chicken soup for your soul? 它们对你来说,是否也似乎是一种「心灵鸡汤」呢?
She looked up at him quickly, but he was ready for her. He had banished from his face the awful despair that he carried in his soul. 她马上地抬起眼来看着他,可他已经做好准备,脸上不再表现出隐藏心中那可怕的绝望。
take me to her! my life . my soul. for her return. 带我去找她!我愿意把我的人生、我的灵魂献给你。
Take a moment to think about this. Each of us possesses a tangible, living soul. The System has no such thing. 花一面时光来斟酌这些,我们每一个人都具有有形的活泼的笨魂,而体系体例出有。
As a matter of fact, everyone should take a deep consideration whether you could accept him or her whatever in his body or his soul? 每个人都应该考虑一下,在承受着对方身体重量的同时,是不是也接纳了对方灵魂的重量呢?
The word is the one life-giving fire, which shining into the world becomes the fire and light of every soul that enters into the world. 言辞是被给予了生命的火,照进世界,变成了每个踏入这个世界的灵魂的火和光。
Brittany: Yeah, she told me that you would be my soul mate, and she was right! You're dreamy. 布列塔尼:是呀,她告诉我你会是我的灵魂伴侣,她说得对。你很有魅力。
At the deepest level, in the core of her soul, even fleeting connections with others seem to interfere with what she desires most. 在心灵的最深处,灵魂的最核心,甚至与他人转瞬即逝的接触,对她内心的渴望也是一种打扰。
She offended him because she was so brazen in her sin, that was all; and he prayed for her soul. 她惹他生气是因为她对待自己的罪恶是那样地厚颜无耻——就这些;他为她的灵魂祈祷。
(Carl Gustav Jung) I said to my soul, be still and let the dark come upon you, which shall be the darkness of God. (卡尔·荣格)我叩问灵魂,静下心来让黑夜笼罩,那应是来自上帝的黑暗。
Ahh, Lirondo, with friends like these one need not be afraid his soul will go over to the dark side! Open a barrel of my best! 啊,里隆多,和你们这帮朋友在一起就不用担心你们的灵魂会堕落到黑暗面!开一桶我最好的酒!是的,小雨。
A person who claims the Lord Jesus Christ to be the Savior of her soul, and the Lord of his life, ought to live a fear-free life. 一个人若承认耶稣基督是他灵魂的拯救者和生命之主,他就可以过一个无所畏惧的生活。
I consist of a little body and a soul. Now to this little body all things are indifferent, for it is not able to perceive differences. 我由一个渺小的肉体和一个灵魂构成,对这一渺小的肉体,所有事情都无甚分别,因为它不可能察觉其中的不同。
They had a different dim sum cart for the white folks. If it had been a soul food restaurant, we'd have had grounds for a lawsuit. 他们给白人准备的点心车是不一样的。如果这时家做美国黑人传统食品的餐馆,我们能因为区别对待客人告他们。
Thus time goeth not from him, but with him, and he feels age more by the strength of his soul than by the weakness of his body. 时间在他眼中没有流逝,而是与他自己同在。他感觉自己岁数越来越大,体力也渐渐衰弱,但心灵的力量却越来越强大。
As long as you are creating the art that his mind and soul longs to create, it really doesn't matter what your classmates think of it. 一旦你开始创作,你的思想和灵魂都渴望创作,你的同学怎么看待它都毫无关系。