美 [jeə]英 [jeə]
  • int.是的;对
  • adv.同“yes”
  • 网络是啊;没错;嗯




oh yeah?

(回应时用)哦,是吗used when you are commenting on what sb has just said

yeah, right

(表示不相信、不同意或不感兴趣)算了吧used to say that you do not believe what sb has just said, disagree with it, or are not interested in it


Goodbye Lullaby_百度百科 ... I fell down 我坠了下去 yeah,I fell down 是的,我坠了下去 I'm freaking out 我吓坏了 ...


求Eminem -Beautiful歌词和翻译_百度知道 ... em: 时间: yeah 是啊 to my babies 我的婴儿 ...


MONSTER IN LAW 中英语字幕 ... No,you are amazing. 不,你很了不起 Yeah. 没错 Oh,um,balls. 哦,球 ...

商务英语口语大全_百度百科 ... No,I'm not.( 不,不是.) Yeah.( .) I think so.( 我想是吧.) ...

神探夏洛克第一季第一集_12_普特英语听力 ... (让行) GIVE WAY Yeah. 欢迎来到伦敦 Welcome to London. ...


八年级上册英语单词表(人教版)_百度知道 ... Hong Kong 香港 yeah 是;好的 how long 多久;多长时间 ...


★生活英语:租房[3]-英语口语-无忧考网 ... B:Why? 为什么? B:Yeah. 是呀。 B:Sure. Come in. 当然,请进。 ...

FLATOW: Yeah because, you know, a lot of times, people say, well, I've been a coach potato my whole life. 主持人F:很多时候人们会说,我已经窝在沙发上一辈子了,我现在能干什么?
Yeah. He phoned me yesterday. He said he was coming. 可以。他昨天给我打电话,他说他要来。
"I might not be able to be a college professor, but. . . but maybe my child can be a professor. " -Yeah. . . “我可能不能成为大学教授,但…但或许我的孩子能成为教授。”-是的…
Mr. Hartlaub: Yeah. He was "in-one-take Charlie" . They're all in awe of him. He's like a rock star when he walks into LeapFrog. 哈特劳布:是呀,他号称“一遍定音小查理”。那些制作人都对他佩服得不行。他走进跳蛙玩具公司时,整个一副摇滚巨星的姿态。
Yeah, and there was a rumor that it was because she met some really rich guy. but it was just a rumor. 有谣言说是因为她遇到了更有钱的人。但是那只是谣言呀。
Yeah, well you know what. I'm the one with the badge and the gun. Huh? You know you're not the only forensic anthropologist in town. 没错,不过告诉你好了,我还有警章和枪呢。你没吧?说起来方圆五百里又不是只有你这么一个人类学家。
Yeah mostly I go out with friends. I can meet girls but I'd rather be with my friends not that I'm gay but I haven't met the right girl yet. 我大多和朋友一起出去。我会遇到女生但我宁愿和朋友们在一起,这并不意味着我是gay而是我还没有遇见真命天女。
Yeah, it's just range-bound trading and all that, but you look at the spread market, there's been a big, big improvement. 是的,只是受范围限制的交易,而要是看点差市场,你就会看到很大、很大的改进。
Yeah, I was absolutely overwhelmed, I really enjoyed it and I had such high expectations of it, 'cause everyone's been sort of saying. . . 对,我简直是太兴奋了,我确实是享受这一刻。还有就是我对它存着极高的期望,‘原因是大伙儿都一直在不断的说…
Yeah. Even though the customs were brilliant, I didn't think it was as good as the first two. What did you think? 对.尽管服装做得很精致,但我还是觉得不如前两部拍的好.你觉得呢?
Yeah, isn't fishing great? You get to just sit out in the boat and relax all day. 那好,如果一条鱼都钓不到的话,你可得负责任。
Yeah. It would be nice to take a break from all that stress and pollution of the big city. 没错。暂时离开大都市的一切压力和污染会很不错的。
Yeah, we decided to call it a night. Thanks for watching the kids. 是,我们决定大家该回家了.谢谢你帮我看小孩
Is white? Well, her face isn't white like this. But I mean, you know, yeah, she is, she is, yeah. 是白色的?她的脸并不是像这种白的。但是我的意思是,你知道,她的确是,她的确是(皮肤很白)。
Ellis: Yeah! But I got to tell her I'm a decent guy. 是啊,但是我还是得告诉她我是一个正经美国小伙。
LH: Yeah, when you take a character on a lesbian show and you flip her over to a guy, then there's no way out of this. 是啊,当你在一部拉拉剧里演一个拉拉,然后你把这个角色转去爱男人,那就像是走进死胡同一样。
AM: Yeah, I definitely have to be moving, and balance is, sort of, a little bit of an art in them. 艾米:是的,我必须得到处走动。而且,穿着它们保持平衡有点像一门艺术。
Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, maybe it's because, you know. . . men are. . . easier to. . . you know. . . to please. 没错!没错,是啊,是啊。嗯,也许这是因为,你知道的…男人……更容易…你知道的…获得满足。
You know, I almost died today. Yeah, I came, like, this close. How would you feel if I died and you didn't get a chance to go out with me? 你知道,我今天几乎要死了,是的,我来这感觉真的快了,如果我死了,你又和我没约会成,你会有何感受?。
Yeah, it's great to just get out with your friends and relax over the weekend. 是的,能和你的朋友出去并且周末得到放松多好啊。
Yeah, well after the last case I told Zach never ever to put you through. He's a good assistant. You can let me out anywhere along here. 没错,上次的案子之后我就跟Zach说再也不要放你进来了。他是个得力助手。你可以把我在这里放下了。
Darryl: Yeah, but I don't want to stay long, so let's make it a dap and dip. 那就去吧,不过我可不想多呆,顶多就打个照面就走人。
Yeah, you know I'm not even thinking about that thing that we're not going to be thinking about. 你知道,我们不要去想那件事我根本连想都不想
It's too late telling you at the end, isn't it? Oh well, um. . . yeah. You reminded me, to tell you why I deleted my vlog channel. 最终告诉你这些是不是显得太迟了呢?喔,恩…是的。你们曾提醒我要告诉你们为什么我把我上传的频道删掉了。
Yeah. Yeah. I'm sorry, I just can't imagine that. I mean. . . you know, Amanda drives me crazy. . . but not talking for a year, I. 是的,是的。对不起,我只是无法想象,我是说…你知道阿曼达让我发疯…但是一年不说话我。
Yeah, you know, she's very beautiful and also can be really funny and that's odd, that's rare. 是的,你应该知道,她不仅漂亮还真的很有趣,这看上去非常的罕见!
Julian: Yeah, something pretty close to my own heart there, was we really recognized that monsters really live to die in Diablo. 好的。对我来说有一样东西很重要,也是我们真正了解的,在暗黑中怪物生来就是要死的。
Yeah? When you accuse the suspect, and he acts surprised, is there a way to tell if it's real or if he's just trying to look innocent? 请讲?当你指控这个嫌疑犯的时候他表现的很惊讶.有没有办法去判断他是真的吃惊还是假装无辜呢?
You think Michael's going to speak English better than I? Yeah Right! He can't catch up with me in just a year. 你认为麦克尔的英语会比我的强,是啊(表示不可能),他不可能在一年内赶上我。
Yeah, I'm worried. If it's like this tomorrow, our big outdoor party will have to be canceled. 是啊,我好担心。假如明天天气还是如此,那么我们的大型户外派对就得取消了。