美 [kʌm]英 [kʌm]
  • v.来;来到;发生;成为
  • n.精液;精子
  • int.得啦
  • prep.(提及的时间)到来
  • 网络来吧;过来;前来

第三人称单数:comes 现在分词:coming 过去式:came

time come,people come,dream come,come way,come day
come round,really come,come tomorrow,finally come,come home
come season


地方to a place

1.[i]来to move to or towards a person or place

2.[i]~ (to…)来到;到达,抵达(某地)to arrive at or reach a place

3.[i]来做;来取;来拿to arrive somewhere in order to do sth or get sth

4.[i]来(尤指相聚、往某地或出席活动)to move or travel, especially with sb else, to a particular place or in order to be present at an event

奔跑、匆忙等running/hurrying etc.

5.[i]~ doing sth (+ adv.prep.)(以某种方式)来;边…边来to move in a particular way or while doing sth else


6.[i]+ noun行进(某段距离)to travel a particular distance


7.[i]发生to happen

8.[t]~ to do sth(用于疑问句,表示怎么或为什么)used in questions to talk about how or why sth happened

位置;状态to a position/state

9.[i]+ adv./prep.位于,处于(某位置)to have a particular position

10.[i]~ to/into sth(用于许多词组)达到,进入(某种状态)used in many expressions to show that sth has reached a particular state

11.[i]可提供;有(货)to be available or to exist in a particular way

12.[i][t]成为;变成;变得to become

13.[t]~ to do sth达到(认识、理解或相信的程度)to reach a point where you realize, understand or believe sth


大多数含 come 的习语,都可在该等习语中的名词或形容词相关词条找到,如 come a cropper 在词条 cropper 下。Most idioms containingcome are at the entries for the nouns or adjectives in the idioms, for examplecome a cropper is atcropper .

be as clever, stupid, etc. as they come

非常聪明(或愚蠢等)to be very clever, stupid, etc.

come again?

(要求重复)再说一遍,你说什么来着used to ask sb to repeat sth

come and go

来去;来往;自由走动to arrive and leave; to move freely

come easily, naturally, etc. to sb

(对某人而言)轻而易举(或生来就会等)to be easy, natural, etc. for sb to do

come over (all) faint, dizzy, giddy, etc.

突然感到昏眩(或眩晕、头晕等)to suddenly feel ill/sick or faint

come to nothing|not come to anything

不成功;失败;毫无成果to be unsuccessful; to have no successful result

come to that|if it comes to that

(引出与刚提及的事物相关的事)说起…来,既然如此,假如那样的话used to introduce sth extra that is connected with what has just been said

come what may

不管出现什么问题;无论有什么困难;不管怎样despite any problems or difficulties you may have

how come (…)?

(用以表示不理解情况是如何发生的,希望得到解释)怎么回事,怎么发生的,怎样解释used to say you do not understand how sth can happen and would like an explanation

not come to much

不重要;无关紧要;不成功to not be important or successful

to come

将来;未来的in the future

when it comes to sth/to doing sth

当涉及某事(或做某事)时when it is a question of sth

where sb is coming from

(决定某人言论的)某人的全部背景somebody's ideas, beliefs, personality, etc. that makes them say what they have said

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The idea of your being in London, and a vast millionaire, and a colossal celebrity! Why, it's the Arabian Nights come again. 哪儿想得到你居然会到伦敦来,成了这么大的百万富翁,而且是个鼎鼎大名的人物!嗨,这真是《天方夜谭》的奇迹又出现了。
You know those warning labels on those chemical packets that come in new shoes that say 'do not eat'? 你知道新鞋盒有包化学物质,上面印着“不能食用”的警示标签?
We used to live in Brunswick, and there's a great oak tree just as you come into town. 我们过去住在布伦瑞克,你们一进小镇,(就可以看到)有一棵大橡树。
And then with a woman's reasoning, she was sure that her husband had come back to her. 然后女人的逻辑又让她确信自己的丈夫已回到身边。
Sebastien Squillaci admits he may be an old man in the Arsenal dressing room, but the veteran defender maintains his best is yet to come. 塞巴斯蒂安·斯奎拉奇承认他在更衣室里可能算是老人家了,但是这位后防老兵认为他还可以更好。
But everything is so expensive in Paris that I might have to come back and cash another one in a few days. 但是在巴黎什么东西都这么贵,以至几天之内我可能还得回来兑现另一张支票。
For all that, the private university looks like an idea whose time has finally come in Britain. 尽管如此,私立大学--看起来像一个终于在英国等到了春天的创想。
Come together the way you and I have a full picture, why not continue to go on like this painting? And a half on the road to stop what can? 一起走过的路上都写满了你我的画面,为什么不继续画下去呢?半路上就停下又能作何?。
But they cannot be here now. Others have got to come in and take their place and you never know. 但是现在他们都不在这里了,其他球员上来,接替他们的位置,你不会知道效果会怎么样。
You wanted to see the sun come up and no one to be near you. 你希望看见太阳升起来,而不想看到身边有人。
Terrorism has gone global, and NATO too must be ready to respond to challenges "from wherever they may come" . 恐怖主义已蔓延至全球,北约也必须做好对“自任何恐怖主义来源”回应的准备。
Then come the dog's twelve years, and he lies in the corner growling , no longer having teeth with which to bite. 然后是狗的十二年,那时他失去了利齿,咬不动东西,只能躺在墙脚忿忿不平地低吼。
He said that doomsday was about to come and that the Earth was going to explode. In fact, what he says are just fallacies to deceive people. 他说世界末日就要到了,地球即将爆炸,事实上他所说的都是骗人的鬼话。
I was asked to come to midfield, and I was proud to do so to be able to make a new promise to all the Milan fans. 有人问我来中场,我很自豪能够这样做可以使一个新的承诺,向所有AC米兰的球迷。
Sit down and write down the emotions that come to your mind when you think about breaking up with your ex for good. 当你想到和旧情人分手,脑海里会出现哪些想法?写下这些想法会有所帮助。
My first step in trying to isolate the problems reported by the tester was to come up with some simple, reproducible test cases. 为了将测试人员报告的问题剔出,我采取的第一个步骤是找出几个简单的、可重复的测试案例。
Lastly, I was invited by an elderly medicine man to come and live with him in Indonesia. 最后还有,一位老药师邀我去印尼同住。
If he had come here earlier, he would have been able to catch the train. 如果他们来得早一些,就可以赶上火车了。(事实上,他们来晚了。)
Any time two or more people come together, one of them automatically and subconsciously establishes dominance. 任何时候当有几个人聚到一块,其中一位就会自然而然地、下意识地获地一种主导地位。
The idea is to come out with vague and noble sentiments with which no one can disagree, but which do not commit anyone to specific action. 他们的理念就是想出模糊、高尚、没有人能反对的观点,但又不使任何人承诺采取任何特定的措施。
Our role here is to take you to the point where your new fully conscious selves can come together to forge your own star-nation. 在这里,我们的作用是带着你们抓住重点迎接新的全知的意识自我,聚合到一起,共同打造你们自己的“星之国度”。
Had I seen you, I would have come out, Severus, really. It was such a long time; I started to believe I had dreamt it all. 如果我看见你的话我一定会出来的,真的,西弗勒斯。真是隔了太长时间了,我都开始怀疑自己是不是在做梦了。
We are very proud to be able to provide art education to so many children here in Beijing, who come from all over the world. 我们为身处北京及来自全世界各地的孩子们提供专业的艺术教育,为此,我们深感自豪。
Of course, Amazon could still come out with a new eReader and a more open strategy. 当然,亚马逊也可以推出一款新的电子书阅读器和执行更为开放的策略。
His eyes glowed. There was a note of passion in his . "Did you know that you had come into the finest place in the world to buy socks? " 他双眸满是热情,声音饱含激情:“您知道您来到了世界上最好的袜店吗?”
After a half-hour he began to realise that the meeting must come to an end, so exacting is the world. 半小时后,他意识到他该结束他们的幽会了:这世界是如此严厉,不肯通融。
This left the door open for the likes of Facebook to come in and seize a dominant market share. 这给了Facebook等公司可乘之机,抢到了占据优势的市场份额。
At 10 o'clock you must be inside: the police come and tell you to go into your place and turn down the music. 晚上10时你必须进屋,警察一来就告诉你进屋关掉音乐。
And he said, How could I unless someone guides me? And he entreated Philip to come up and sit with him. 他说,没有人指引我,怎能明白?于是恳求腓利上车,与他同坐。
And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not hearken unto my words which he shall speak in my name, I will require it of him. 谁不听他奉我名所说的话,我必讨谁的罪。