美 [naʊ]英 [naʊ]
  • adv.现在;目前;此刻;从现在开始
  • n.现在
  • conj.既然;由于
  • adj.现在的;现任的;属于新一代的
  • abbr.(=National Organization for Women)全国妇女组织
  • 网络此时;如今;立刻



1.现在;目前;此刻(at) the present time

2.现在;从现在开始at or from this moment, but not before

3.(informal)(表示厌烦)used to show that you are annoyed about sth

4.(改变话题或要对方做某事前,引起对方注意)喂,哎,嗨used to get sb's attention before changing the subject or asking them to do sth


(every) now and again/then

有时;偶尔;时常from time to time; occasionally

now for sb/sth

(转向新的活动或话题)used when turning to a fresh activity or subject

now, now

(温和地表示不赞同)可是,好啦used to show in a mild way that you do not approve of sth

now… now…

时而…时而…at one time… at another time…

(its) now or never

机不可失;勿失良机this is the only opportunity sb will have to do sth

now then

(提出建议或提供帮助)喂,听我说used when making a suggestion or an offer

now what?

(对某人的不断提问或打扰感到厌烦)又怎么了used when you are annoyed because sb is always asking questions or interrupting you


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Wherever you get your raw data, the reader is now set up and ready to parse. 无论是从何处获取原始数据,现在已建立了阅读器并为解析做好准备。
Now, for many years, we have been trying to get across to such people the fact that language is subtly different in expressions. 这么多年来,我们一直在努力使那些人理解这样一个事实:语言在表达方面是有着微妙的不同的。
He wants me to get back to being the old Mac, if not better, and the way I feel now I'm in great shape and I'm ready to roll. 他希望我如果做不到更好,那么也要恢复到以前的水准。而我现在感觉状态很好,已经准备好出发了。
Now how much do I owe you? 我该付您多少钱?
Mr. Gunton is now starting work on a series about Africa. He said each of the series take "between three and five years to make. " 迈克·冈顿正在准备拍摄一部关于非洲的系列纪录片,他说每部这样的纪录片都要拍摄“三到五年的时间”。
But illegal music accounts for a significant amount of traffic to Baidu and, until now, Google has not been able to compete. 不过,非法音乐占据了百度的大量流量,但到目前为止,谷歌还不能与之竞争。
It is now more important for China to be seen as playing a constructive role in crises involving other major powers like the U. S. 现在,在美国等其他大国参与解决的危机当中,让人觉得中国是在发挥一种建设性作用,就变得更加重要。
Now you can sketch out a more detailed plan of what you'll do each couple of weeks throughout the semester. 现在你可以开始草拟一个更详细的计划了,计划里将详细列出你在一个工作周期中连续的几个周中所要干的工作。
You see, up to now, he's been king of his own room. 你知道,直到现在,他一直是家里的小皇帝;
Even more important, I hope are able to identify the mistakes that have derailed you, and use that knowledge to your advantage from now on. 更重要的,我希望你能够发现那些让你偏离的错误,并从现在开始让这些知识为你所用。
Now a Professor at Buckingham University, Mr Woodhead has never been one to tiptoe around fundamental issues, however explosive they may be. 现任白金汉大学教授Woodhead先生可不是个会在那些涉及基本原则的话题面前踯躅不前的人,不管那些话题有多劲爆。
If that sounds like the right kind of quest for you, click here to buy the Empire Building Kit now, before orders close in just a few hours. 如果这正是你想要的探寻,那么请点击这里,订购你想要的“帝国缔造工具包”,订购几小时后就将结束。
Chandler: I'm right! Right? There was like no chemistry between them. Before they had heat, and now there's no heat! Now. 我说得没错吧!对不对?他们俩之间一点激情都没有,以前他们之间还有点,现在一点都没有了!现在你明白这意。
The same cannot be said of the club's fans, who, having worshipped Cannavaro, now see him as something of a traitor. 但尤文球迷并不以为然,他们过去曾将卡纳瓦罗视为英雄,现在却将他看作一个叛徒。
"I might be, " said the tiger. "But I'm not. Now: I am here to teach the girl-cub to talk. " “我可以撒谎,”老虎说,“但是我并没有说谎。言归正传,我是来教那个小姑娘说话的。”
I do not know if China now has these kinds of system set up to help the poor. Just wish that you guys are doing a good job on this. 我不知道中国现在是否设立了这种救弱扶贫的制度,真希望你们为此做一件好事。
Roy: Wow, I can't tell you how much more fulfilling this battle will be now that I can refer to my enemy by the proper appellation. 喔哦,能用正确的称呼来指明我的敌人真是让这场战斗充满了语言表述不出的满足。
I've got a doozy of a story for you, but if you snuff out my voice like that, I won't be able to tell it, now will I? 我有一个故事想要讲给你听,但如果你像那样打断我的话,我就无法讲下去了,不是吗?
Assuming that the find. php script returns some results, you are now ready to put the front end on this system. 假设find.php脚本返回一些结果,现在就可以在该系统上部署前端了。
Zohar said he and his colleagues are now carrying out a larger trial using hydrocortisone on trauma victims. Zohar说他和他的同事目前正进行一项将氢化可的松用于创伤受害者的大型试验。
The debate has only a few moments that might be inspiring to those who have been following this now familiar issue. 这场争论可能只是在很小程度上启发了那些关注这一熟悉的问题人。
Every now and then, I get a little helpless, and I'm longing like a child to be loved. 时时刻刻,我感觉自己孤独无助,像个孩子似的渴望被爱。
Ok, here's what I'm thinking. If I had a baby now, I would expect him to be the kind of person, who's loving, caring and happy all the time. 好吧,我是这么想的。如果我有个孩子的话,我期望他成为那种有爱心、懂得关怀、永远快乐的人。
He made his move because he felt guilty about the size of his residential carbon footprint, and now prefers life tiny and tidy. 当初做出这个决定是由于他对自己住宅的碳排放量感到内疚。而如今,他更喜欢这种小而简洁的生活环境。
Now, less than half a year has passed, we have already proposed and introduced a package plan to tackle the effect of the financial crisis. 现在,时间过去不到半年,我们已经提出了一揽子应对计划。
Man has played the power game ever since he appeared on earth. Now he is playing it as it has never been played before. 人类自从在地球上出现以后就开始玩权力游戏。现在他们更是把这种游戏玩得史无前例。
Now watch this finch figure out exactly how much damage it can do to the booby without getting tossed off. 现在看本·芬奇找出究竟有多大的伤害,它能做得不到中排慢吞吞。
Travel may also be on your agenda, and getting away from your normal base would be very good for your spirit now. 旅行或许也被提上日程了,这段时间里,离开你惯常所在的地方对于你的精神方面是很好的。
Whether or not a student has a scholarship is not now and never has been a determining factor in qualifying for a student visa to the U. S. 一名学生是否获得奖学金目前不是、也从来没有作为有资格获得美国学生签证的一个决定因素。
It should be pretty easy to construct a decent regex now that we've got the structure and special characters down. 在我们了解了它的结构和特殊字符之后,产生一个合适的正则表达式应该就很容易了。