stay up

  • na.不去睡觉;不沉
  • 网络熬夜;不睡觉;熬夜,不睡觉

第三人称单数:stays up 现在分词:staying up 过去式:stayed up

stay upstay up

stay up


大学英语四级常用词组 ... start up 突然站起,惊起 stay up 不睡觉,熬夜 in step 协调;同步;合拍 ...


大学英语四级常用词组 ... start up 突然站起,惊起 stay up 不睡觉,熬夜 in step 协调;同步;合拍 ...


英语必备短语_百度文库 ... eat up 吃光 stay up / sit up 熬夜不睡觉 light up 照亮; (脸上)呈现高兴的情绪 ...


九年级英语上册重点短语归纳总结 - 豆丁网 ... be late for 迟到 36. stay up 不睡觉,熬夜 37. go off 发出响声 38. ...


360教育网--最大的免费教育资源网 ... stay out 待在户外;留在露天里 Stay up 不去睡觉; stay with 跟……住在一起 ...


高考英语复习专题辅导教案 ... wake up 醒来;叫醒 stay up 挺住;坚持不睡觉 broaden one’s horizons 开阔眼界 ...


高中英语常用动词搭配 - 豆丁网 ... stay behind 留在后面 stay up 不睡觉,开夜车,挺得住 stay with 与…呆在一起,继续使用 4…

The children got to stay up late and watch a good movie for the family. 孩子们可以晚一点睡觉,看一部适合合家共赏的好电影。
The night Michael wouldn't stay up to watch The Office finale with me, I knew I had to move out. 当那天晚上,迈克不想和我一起看电视剧《办公室》的大结局的时候,我知道我必须要离开他了。
I can stay up in the chair for hours at a time now, and this enables me to occupy myself in a number of ways. 现在我一次能在椅子上呆上几个小时,所以能干些事情打法时间。
Socks should fit snugly around the heel so the socks stay up and do not bunch or sag into the back of the shoe. 袜子应当贴身的包在脚跟周围,这样袜子保持不动,不会起褶或下垂进入鞋的后部。
People often do not sleep on the last day of year and stay up to welcome the new year. We call it pernoctating. 守岁,就是在旧年的最后一天夜里不睡觉,熬夜迎接新一年的到来。
He said he would make this computer work even if he had to stay up all night. 他说他即使整晚不睡觉也一定要让这台计算机工作起来。
We have rules about how much we do in one night, how late we stay up and so on. 我们对一晚吸毒的量的多少和时间等等有规定。
I could have crushed the pretzels better. But I made this at 1am. My husband tried to stay up to taste it. 我本来可以把椒盐脆饼粒磨得更细,但我在凌晨1点做的。
Your life jacket will help you to stay up if you fall out of the boat. 如从船上掉下去,你的救生衣可以使你不沉入水中。
"It has disrupted my schedule. I have to stay up to watch them now, " she said. “这打乱了我的作息安排。现在我只能熬夜来看这些节目了。”王哲晓说。
He was able to stay up to watch the film, as he had a late start the next day. 他可以熬夜看电影,因为他第二天不用早起。
They also provide a great way for customers to stay up to date on the changing content of an app without having to log in repeatedly. 它也是客户无需一次次地登录就能获得一个应用的内容的最新变化的绝妙方法。
UPS SMS Tracking is a free service provided by UPS to let you stay up to speed with your shipments. UPS短讯追踪由UPS免费提供,让您了解托运货件的最新动态。
Let the children stay up to see a film on television . 她允许孩子熬夜看电视上播放的电影。
Put on your lifejacket, which would help you to stay up if you fall out of the boat. 穿上救生衣。这样在你万一从船上跌到水里时,它会帮助你不沉到水下去。
I hope you will not always stay up late, but form a good habit of early to bed, early to rise. 我希望你不要总是熬夜,要养成早睡早起的好习惯。
By refreshing this page often, top Digg users (who are all friends in the system) can stay up-to-the-moment with each other. 那些最受欢迎的用户(彼此都是好友)只需不停地刷新页面,就可以和其他人保持行动的一致。
Naps also help when you know you're going to have to stay up later the same night. 如果你知道当晚将熬夜,打盹也有帮助。
It is not unusual for the scientist to stay up to two or three in the morning. 对于这位科学家来说,凌晨两三点睡觉是平常事。
If West Ham stay up, the clubs will back a legal claim for loss of Premiership status on behalf of any club who drop into the bottom three. 如果西汉姆没有降级的话这几家球队会继续为了失去超级联赛资格诉讼。
By the time I got to Manhattan, it was after midnight, so I decided to stay up all night to catch an early-morning flight. 等我到达曼哈顿时,已是午夜时分。于是我决定不睡觉了,等着去赶清晨的航班。
But at the moment, it may take a bit more effort. Be prepared to stay up late. 而现在看来,似乎需要多做些努力了,你要为工作到深夜做好准备。
If it's all the same to you, I'd rather to go to bed early tonight than stay up and watch TV. 如果对你来说没什么区别,我宁愿今晚早点睡觉,而不是熬夜看电视。
Red-eye because I never feel ready to teach, no matter how late I stay up the night before preparing for class. 熬红眼睛是因为无论上课前我熬夜备课到多晚,我从没感到准备充分。
He can stay up until 3 a. m. , as he said he would do last week, but no amount of planning will account for him. 他会熬夜知道凌晨3点,他说他上周就是这么做的,但是再多的作战计划也不能使他感到满足。
Mother saw through Johnny's excuses not to go to bed on Christmas Eve. She knew he wanted to stay up to see Santa Claus. 母亲看穿了约翰尼在圣诞夜不睡觉的借口。她知道他是想等着看圣诞老人。
The children of these 'pm-people' stay up till midnight with them: they eat together, watch TV and play computer games. 的孩子和他们一起熬到午夜,一起吃东西、看电视、玩电玩。
Businesses and potential guests can then stay up to 52 nights a year when they visit the UK capital on short trips. 商务人员及潜在客人,每年可以在短期旅行中在伦敦呆52个晚上。
I can easily stay up later than my normal range of bed times if I work, go out with friends, or do other stimulating activities. 如果我要做工作、和朋友一起出去玩或者做其他很刺激的活动,我就可以容易地比平时晚些睡觉。
Go to bed on time, do not stay up late, ensure to have eight hours sleeping time a day. 按时睡觉,不要熬夜,确保每天八小时睡眠时间。