美 [jes]英 [jes]
  • int.答话时表示正确或真实;表示同意所说的话;反驳否定的话
  • adv.(回答问话、招呼等)是;(怀疑或促人往下讲)真的吗
  • n.表示同意的答复;表示同意的人

复数:yes'es 复数:yesses



1.(答话时表示正确或真实)used to answer a question and say that sth is correct or true

2.(表示同意所说的话)used to show that you agree with what has been said

3.(反驳否定的话)used to disagree with sth negative that sb has just said

4.(表示答应或许可)used to agree to a request or to give permission

5.(接受提议或邀请)used to accept an offer or invitation

6.(询问某人所需)used for asking sb what they want

7.(礼貌地应答呼唤)used for replying politely when sb calls you

8.(表示刚想起某事)哦,对了used to show that you have just remembered sth

9.(鼓励某人继续讲)往下说used to encourage sb to continue speaking

10.(表示不相信某人所言)真的used to show that you do not believe what sb has said

11.(强调所说的话)一点不假used to emphasize what you have just said

12.(感到兴奋或高兴时说)好啊used to show that you are excited or extremely pleased about sth that you have done or sth that has happened

13.(表示不耐烦或气恼)得,得used to show that you are impatient or irritated about sth


yes and no

说不准;也是也不是used when you cannot give a clear answer to a question

"Yes, " he said, "it is all very well to say 'pack up, '" but he had nothing left to pack up, therefore he seated himself in the trunk. 这意思是很好的,但是他并没有什么东西可以收拾进去,因此他就自己坐进箱子里去。
Does art reflect life? In movies, yes. Because more than any other art form, films have been a mirror held up to society's porous face. 艺术反映生活吗?对电影而言是。多于任何另外的艺术形式,电影是竖在社会之多样面貌前的一面镜子。
Lily: Yes, it's wind instrument with keys for the fingers to press on. The body is made of brass, and is usually curved. 莉莉:这是有手指可以按动按键的管乐器的一种。而且是铜制的弯曲乐器。
And, oh, yes, for some readers it was the card that young Lulu made for her mother's birthday. 还有,哦,是的,对于一些读者,这是年轻的露露卡,为她母亲的生日制成。
"Yes? " She kept her voice low, too, and looked at me curiously, her head cocked to the side. “什么事?”她也放低音量,好奇地看着我,脑袋偏至一边。
If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, you just might be an eco tourist. 如果你对这些问题的答案有一个以上是“对”,你就可能是生态旅游家。
Pity! The look slammed into Raistlin with the force of a hundred swords. Yes, his twin would die, but not with that look upon his face! 怜悯!那神情像是千万把剑一样刺进了雷斯林的身躯。是的,他的哥哥会死,但是脸上不准挂着那样的神情!
Yes. Why do you think the rise in pocket money is often higher than inflation? 是的。你认为为什么零花钱的增长率会高于通货膨胀率?
I had expected him to say "No" , but he said "Yes" instead. 我原先以为他会不同意,没想到他居然同意了。
I think it's very beautiful and I also wanted to ask for a favor. Yes. Can I ask a favor of you? 我觉得它很漂亮,并且我还想要求你帮个忙。是的,我能要你帮个忙吗?
Nay, he said-yes you did-deny it if you can, that you would not have confessed the truth, though master had cut you to pieces . 不仅如此,他说--是的,你是做了--如果可以的话你会否认的,即使主人把你撕碎,你原本也是不想坦白的。
Yes: but a young lady - a bride - I ought to have paid my respects to her if possible. It was being very deficient. 是呀。可是,对于一位年轻女士——一位新娘——只要有可能,我还是应该去恭贺一番的。不去是很失礼的。
Save the positive energy and use it. A good fight, fight for what I want. I will win eventually, yes, I know, you know, and both of us know. 储存乐观的能量,并利用它。一场伟大的战役,为了我的将来而战。我最后将赢得胜利,是的,我知道,你知道,我们彼此都知道。
"Ah, yes, " he said, as if awaking from a dream. “啊,是的,”他说,象是从一场梦里醒来似的。
Yes my children I come to rescue you and my only weapon shall be the Truth for it is the truth that will propel you into light and life. 是的,我的孩子,我来拯救你们,我唯一的武器是【真相】,因为真相将驱使你们进入光与生命。
Yes. But such a man could hardly be sensible and I could never love a man who was out of his wits. 但这种男人一定不聪明我绝不会爱脑子有问题的人
He paused and put his hands together and said, "Yes, Greg, but the devil will be in the details, " he said. 他停下来,双手合十,回答说:“对的,格雷格,但是魔鬼藏在细节中,”他说道。
And yes it was hard, in the beginning, but then as few people approached me, I began to relax. 开始这确实很难,但是一会儿就有一些人来找我了,我开始放松下来。
If i say, Yes, i can. i am an idiot since it is so easy to be found. 回答上来,我是傻子--问题太简单。回答不上来,我更是傻子…
Well, yes. It comes as a bit of a surprise. I thought you were happy here. 是的.你辞职有些出乎我的意料.我原以为你在这里很愉快。
Can I help you? Yes, how much are the carrots? 我可以帮你吗?是的,胡萝卜多少钱?
The answer was yes, provided she ran a "dummy" pet for a year, reading up on pet care and writing a project for her mother on dogs. 她回答说可以,但条件是她要先养一年“虚拟”宠物,读一些关于照顾宠物的书,并为母亲写一个关于养狗的方案。
Whenever I jump up in the air, he asks me to marry him, and I say yes. 每当我跳到空中,燕子请求我嫁给他,我答应了。
You might then get a feeling of no or yes, or you may get other information that helps you to understand. 然后你可能会感觉到对还是错,或者你会获得另外一个信息帮助你理解。
Yes, he knew, and he did not plan to leave Elijah until God did take him home. 他也下决心一直跟踪在以利亚的身边,直到神把他接回天家。
Yes, I'm a bit tired. I'm very bad with a jet-lag. But I'll be all right in a couple of days. 是的,我是有点累了。我倒时差很慢,但是两天之后自然就恢复了。
Unconventional, yes, but what seems to be madness has a real method. 这种非主流的方法虽然看上去有些疯狂,但确实是一个办法。
Is there any discount for large quantity mail purchases? If yes, how much? 大量邮购有折扣么,如果有,是多少。
Yes we love to travel, but we love to see that California border forever and a day. 是的,我们热爱旅游,但我们喜欢看到加州边界永远和一天。
Yes, I live here with his sister and she said that she saw him there, quite a while ago. 对。我和他姐姐住在这儿,她说前一段时间她在那儿见过他。