美 [jʌŋ]英 [jʌŋ]
  • n.青年人;幼崽;幼兽;幼鸟
  • adj.幼小的;未成熟的;年轻的;岁数不大的
  • 网络杨;年少;扬

比较级:younger 最高级:youngest

young woman,young girl,young lady,young couple,young boy


1.幼小的;未成熟的having lived or existed for only a short time; not fully developed

2.年轻的;岁数不大的;相对年轻的not yet old; not as old as others

3.由年轻人(或儿童)构成的;青少年的;平均年龄小的consisting of young people or young children; with a low average age

4.年轻人的;青年的;适合青年人的suitable or appropriate for young people

5.~ man/lady/woman(对年轻人表示生气或恼怒)used to show that you are angry or annoyed with a particular young person

6.(用于姓名之前或之后,以区别于年长的亲戚)used before or after a person's name to distinguish them from an older relative


be getting younger

(表示做某事的人好像越来越年轻)used to say that people seem to be doing sth at a younger age than they used to, or that they seem younger because you are now older

not be getting any younger

老了;岁月不饶人used when you are commenting that time is passing and that you are growing older

young at heart

人老心不老thinking and behaving like a young person even when you are old


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The company's first print advertisement featured an illustration of a young actress named Hilda Clark, who was also the brand's spokeswoman. 公司的第一张平面广告是一张叫HildaClark的年轻女演员的插画,她同时也是品牌的代言人。
"The tires are extremely worn, suggesting that this chariot was used frequently in hunting expeditions by the young king, " Hawass said. 哈瓦斯说:“它的轮子磨损非常严重,说明年轻的法老经常乘着这辆车子去狩猎或旅行。”
Whenever young Les Polfuss was sick, his mother put him on the parlor couch in their home in Waukesha, Wis. 无论什么时候小LesPolfuss生了病,他的妈妈就会把他放在沃斯肖,沃斯康星家中的客厅沙发上。
Kristen was always one of the young actors who had a lot of potential but lacked that big break that turns an actor into a star. 克里斯汀总是一个年轻演员谁有很大的潜力,但缺乏大突破,把一个演员变成明星。
The music is fine, I said, the young musicians are fine. 我说:音乐很好,年轻的音乐家也很好。
Yes: but a young lady - a bride - I ought to have paid my respects to her if possible. It was being very deficient. 是呀。可是,对于一位年轻女士——一位新娘——只要有可能,我还是应该去恭贺一番的。不去是很失礼的。
President Bush and his wife Laura will appear a week earlier, according to Blondie cartoonist Dean Young. 据勃朗黛连环漫画的作者、漫画家迪恩·扬透露,美国总统布什和妻子劳拉也会提前一周露面。
Such monitoring meant at least some of the young children, the elderly, the disabled, and pregnant and nursing women received food aid. 此类监控意味着至少部分儿童、老人、残疾人、孕妇和哺乳期妇女得到了食物援助。
Then he gave joy and grandpa left a sum of money, and several village young man with dreams of starting with vigour and vitality. 然后他给欢喜和爷爷留下一笔钱,就和几个村里的年轻男子带着梦想轰轰烈烈的出发了。
A message for you, Mr Lorry. You've got to wait at Dover for a young lady. ' 捎个信儿给您,劳里先生,您得在多佛等候一位年轻女士。
And Joshua the son of Nun, the servant of Moses, one of his young men, answered and said, My lord Moses, forbid them. 摩西的帮手,嫩的儿子约书亚,就是摩西所拣选的一个人,说,请我主摩西禁止他们。
After the hunt, the group are often fighting over the sharing of the kill, with young lions at the bottom of the order. 捕杀之后,群体通常会争夺共享的猎物?年幼的狮子是第二个享用食物的。
In the rental area, an attendant, with a cigarette dangling from his mouth, sat on his haunches to help outfit a young skier. 在租借区,一个服务员嘴里叼着烟卷,坐着帮一个小滑雪者穿衣服。
She said the tapes were made by a young photojournalist and Beatles fan who attended the press conference. 她说,新闻发布会的录音带由披头士乐迷、参加当天发布会的一名年轻的摄影记者制作而成。
When he turned back to the counter that enabled him to serve people in the street, there was a young, tough-looking man standing there. 当他回到柜台跟前以便招呼街道上来注的顾客时,一个看上去不好惹的年轻人正好站在对面。
Young as she was, Missandei had shown such a gift for tongues that the Good Masters had made a scribe of her. 和她一般年纪,弥桑黛已经显示出了对于语言的良好天赋于是“GoodMasters”让她作为抄书员。
He writes, he says, for the young, who have to deal with the mess he believes his own generation has made of Western society. 他说,他是为年轻人而写,因为他们必须收拾--在他认为--他这一代人将西方社会所搞成的烂摊。
Other young people do not find money so easy to come by. 而其他的年轻人想要来钱就没这么容易了。
The two girls, she said, were not fully aware of all that had happened for they were quite young. 她说,两个女儿还没有完全意识到发生了什么事,因为她们还很小。
Years later, the young woman is still fighting for a legal separation from her illegal marriage. 已过了数年,这个年轻女子还在为她的非法婚姻争取合法分居。
One day, one of the young men came to visit her and asked her to become his wife. 有一天,一个年轻人来拜访她,并请求她做他的妻子。
He sat rooted in his seat, and the young people began to wonder about him. 他像生了根似地坐在座位上,几个年轻人开始对他诧异起来……
There was also evidence linking a legal drinking age of 18 to a higher rate of unplanned pregnancies among young women. 人们已经证实低龄妇女的意外怀孕率升高与规定法定饮酒年龄为18岁有关。
She was now seen by many young men who had not been near her before. 许多原来不在她近前的年轻人,现在看见她了。
When I am not able to walk, please lend your young, powerful hand to me, just as i hold you when you began to walk. 当我由于双腿疲劳而无法行走的时候,请伸出你年轻有力的手搀扶我,就象你小时候学走路时,我扶你那样。
A young man put his head through the door and said, "Principal, do you still recognize me? " 一个青年在办公室门口探头进来,说道:“校长,还认得我吗?”
When the sun arose and shone over the sea, she recovered, and felt a sharp pain; but just before her stood the handsome young prince. 当太阳照到海上的时候,她才醒过来,她感到一阵剧痛。这时有一位年轻貌美的王子正立在她的面前。
His father died young and the curse of Adam kept him from continuing his schooling as he had to help his mother support a big family. 他父亲死得早,生活的艰辛使他不能再继续学下去,他得帮助母亲养活一大家子。
Several times a year a group of hooded young men, who style themselves as " anarchists " , bring up the rear of a march. 一年之中会有几次,有成群穿连身帽遮住脸庞的青年自诩为「无政府主义者」出现在示威群的尾端。
I know it all; that the young man's marrying her was a patched-up business, at the expence of your father and uncles. 我完全晓得。那个年轻小伙子跟她结婚,完全是你爸爸和舅舅花了钱买来的。